The SROI Guide

The SROI Guide ( 19 Files )

Containing English and US versions of the January 2012 new edition of A Guide to Social Return on Investment (replacing the 2009 version), versions of the guide in Italian, Czech, French, Chinese, Korean and Spanish and some related documents.

To view the supplements to the Guide, including Supplementary Guidance on Stakeholder Involvement and Materiality, click here.

SROI Network Supplements

SROI Network Supplements ( 4 Files )

Supplements for use alongside the Guide to SROI.

SROI Network Publications

SROI Network Publications ( 19 Files )

Document relating to The SROI Network including the seven principles of SROI and the vision for SROI.


Assurance ( 6 Files )

Documents relating to getting an SROI report assured and becoming an Accredited Practitioner.

Relationship between SROI and other approaches

Relationship between SROI and other approaches ( 6 Files )

Documents explaining the relationship between SROI and other approaches including IRIS, SAA, GIIRS and cost benefit analysis.

SROI Conference Information

SROI Conference Information ( 15 Files )

Slides and information from workshops of The SROI Network International Conference - "A Time for Social Value" which was held at The University of Potsdam, 16-17th February 2012.
Other Publications

Other Publications ( 31 Files )

These include reports that members have produced on SROI and related topics


Chapters ( 18 Files )

SROI Guide 2009 : Individual chapters