The SROI Guide

The SROI Guide ( 17 Files )

Containing the January 2012 new edition of A Guide to Social Return on Investment (replacing the 2009 version), versions of the guide in French, Chinese, Korean and Spanish and some related documents.

SROI Network Supplements

SROI Network Supplements ( 4 Files )

Supplements for use alongside the Guide to SROI.

SROI Network Publications

SROI Network Publications ( 15 Files )

Document relating to The SROI Network including the seven principles of SROI and the vision for SROI.


Assurance ( 2 Files )

Documents relating to getting an SROI report assured and becoming an Accredited Practitioner.


SROI and IRIS, SAA and GIIRS ( 3 Files )

Documents explaining the relationship between SROI and IRIS, SAA and GIIRS
SROI Conference Information

SROI Conference Information ( 15 Files )

Slides and information from workshops of The SROI Network International Conference - "A Time for Social Value" which was held at The University of Potsdam, 16-17th February 2012.
Other Publications

Other Publications ( 27 Files )

These include reports that members have produced on SROI and related topics


Chapters ( 18 Files )

SROI Guide 2009 : Individual chapters